Blogging Onward!

Almost 30 years, God performed miraculous works in my life. I believe He allowed those events to happen for a purpose. I believe he called me forth for a purpose, just as He called forth Lazarus. God gave me a second chance. I have been waiting for 30 years for God to use my in some great and might way. Because of the wisdom of one of my pastors, I realized that I don’t need to worry about making myself available for God to use me in some great and mighty way. I only need to make myself available to Him, to let Him use me in the small, everyday ways.

Ever since I was a child, I have felt God wanted me to share my testimony of how He healed me, and certainly I still have a passion to share my testimony with people. Though, I also realize that this blog allows me to be a vessel in another way. It allows me to get my thoughts out there. God has given me a passion to study His word, and I love sharing my thoughts about Him and His word with people.

So, that is what I have decided to make this blog. It is not going to be about me. It is going to be a place where I will just share what’s on my heart. What God is teaching me, either through prayer or His word or both. I want this blog to bring healing. With that said, I am happy to pray for you however I can.

As far as my testimony, it is my desire to share it in schools, churches, and wherever God will lead me. But I am not going to worry about that. I am going to take my pastor’s advice and allow the Lord to use me in the small things. I am going to make myself available to Him and remain confident that He will use me however and whenever He choose. The point is not “Glory to me.” It is “Glory to God.”

Thanks for reading my first blog. I will blog at least once a week. I will try to blog more than that. I will definitely blog whenever I feel God giving me something to say. I will do my best to make every blog uplifting. Some may be commentaries or recaps on my pastor’s or other great ministers’ messages. Some may be reviews of books or music. Some may be lessons from the Bible, or other things God has led me to share.

Whatever I share, I pray God will use me and this blog to increase in you.

God bless,



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